Log cabin dovetail construction

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the Dovetailor jigs adjustable?

A. No the Dovetailors are made for a specific size and style of log and that is what they will work with. However it is sometimes possible to dovetail a smaller log by using shims. We had a customer that dovetailed 6x8 and 6x6 logs all with a 6x8 jig.

 Q. What species wood do you recommend for building a dovetail log cabin or home?

A. Our preference would be Lodgepole Pine or Doug Fir. A couple hundred years ago when this country was being settled people moved onto the land and used whatever trees there were to build a house. Some could have 3 or 4 different wood species in one log cabin and many of these are still standing.

 Q. Can I change the size of the chink line between the logs?

A. All our standard jigs come with 1 1/2" chinks line. When we design these jig we had to find a good average to start with and we felt this was the most astetic look. If you go to the South East US you will see some log homes wit 3" to 4" chink lines and that's the look they want. The farther North you go you will see smaller chink lines. That said, we will make any custom jig to fit any log and any chink line.

 Q. Do you have Dovetailor jigs in stock?

A. We no longer stock jigs as most every order is custom size.

 Q. If I order a custom jig, how long does it take to fabricate and ship it?

A. It takes 10 days to 2 weeks to design, fabricate, paint and ship a custom jig.

 Q. Can I buy a Dovetailor without a saw.

A. Yes you can buy one without a saw but we have to send it out with a bar with guide shoes and a chain that is matched to the jig. Therefor you need to have a power head that will run the bar and chain. Our 6x jigs come with a Husqvarna 16" bar and a 3/8 LP chain. Our 8x jigs come with an 18" Husqvarna bar with a .325 chain.