Log cabin dovetail construction

The Great Northern Dovetailor 6x8 and 6x10 Jig Details

Dovetailor dovetail jig
Dovetailor jig

Designed for years of service to produce a perfect cut every time. The Great Northern 6x8 and 6x10 Dovetailor jigs are designed for squared timbers and create a 1.5" chink space with full compound dovetails on outside or inside corner joints.

Husqvarna 240 Chain Saw

The Great Northern 6x Dovetailor comes equipped with Husqvarna 240 chainsaw and 16" bar modified with precision machined guide shoes that align the saw for precise full compound dovetail corner joints.

saw specifications

6x8 or 6x10 jig with Husky saw 240
$1750.00 plus S&H

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